Types of Frames

Now let's discuss the most common types of frames along with the frames that are found in your dispensary. Plastic frames also most commonly referred to as Zyl which are made up of zylonite, acetate and cellulose acetate. There are many other variations of materials for plastic frames but this is the most common.

Metal frames have been commonly made from silver nickel alloy but due to a rise in wearer complaints of allergies to the common material, titanium is another alternative that is hypoallergenic, and much lighter, and more flexible.

Full rim refers to a frame that completely encircles the lens on all sides.

Semi-rimless, also called grooved-rimless is a frame on which the top portion of the lens is surrounded by metal or plastic and the lower portion of the lens appears to have no frame holding it in. This works by the lens edge having a v-shaped groove around it and which a liner holds the lens in to place.

Drill mount or rimless is a frame that is not surrounded by a frame but rather holes are drilled directly into the lens and attached directly to the temples of a frame.