Begin this lesson by downloading the trade name, slogan, and logo workbook. When your practice is open, what will be your strengths? This can be anything from your frame selection, your customer service, or advanced technology. It doesn’t matter what you plan your practice strengths to be, but it’s important that you are going to keep this promise to your patients when you do open your doors.

Next, I want you to describe your patient base. What is the age range of the patients you plan to see? What is the average income of these patients? Also think about the lifestyle of these patients. This will help you determine who your trade name, slogan, and logo should be attracting.

Think about the community you are establishing a practice in. How big is it? Where are you establishing, in an urban neighborhood? Is it conservative or progressive? Again, what is the lifestyle like in this community?

Who are you trying to attract? What does your ideal patient look like and what qualities do they have? Questions to help you answer this include what type of insurance they have, their profession, their income level and spending habits. What area of town they are from, what's their family life like, and what interests do they have?

Finally, identify your competitors. Remember, just because there is an eye care professional down the road, doesn’t mean they are your competition. Think about it as who is trying to reach the same patients as you. List their trade names. How do they make you feel? Who is it that they are targeting?

Once you’ve answered these questions, continue to the next lesson to begin brainstorming your trade name and slogan.