Website Pages

Start with your home page. It’s likely that when a potential patient lands on your website, the home page is where they will start. As we previously discussed, you have roughly seven seconds to capture their attention and keep them on your page. Most importantly, you want the visitor to see your logo as well as your call-to-action. Keep it general and to the point as your other pages can provide more detail about who you are or what you do. Your home page should be free of clutter and any irrelevant information.

Next should be your about page. Elaborate on your brand. Use storytelling on this page to really engage the visitor by telling them the story of how you can solve their problems by bringing them on the practice journey. By utilizing this format, you’re telling your audience about your practice in a humanized way, rather than trying to sell the product of your practice. Talk about your mission statement and practice values. You can highlight your team members here as well.

Your product and services page should also tell the story of how your products can benefit the visitor. With each description, focus on capturing your visitor, rather than using technical terms that they may not understand to sell. While discussing your services, be sure to walk the visitor through the experience they can expect to have with your practice. The goal with this page is to excite them enough to schedule an appointment with you.

As we talked about in the key components lesson, the last page in your navigation pane is just as important as the first page listed and this should be your contact page, as that is the last thing you want visitors to do. On your contact page, list your physical address, your practice phone number, an email address, as well as your practice hours. Listing your practice specifics all together on one page makes it easy for your visitors to see your location and contact you with their preferred method, whether that is phone, email, or even walking in. Having a contact form or appointment request form is a good option for your visitors to easily enter their information to be sent to your practice for your team members to contact them.