Hey guys! Welcome to the next marketing course, the four Ps of marketing. I’m so excited to go over this course, because it really helps you define your marketing strategy and making sure you have the right mix. You may have heard of a marketing mix before; your price, your product, your place, and your promotion, so that’s what we’re going to talk about in this course.

The marketing mix was created by J. McCarthy. He made it so that he could help marketers develop a plan for bringing their products into the market. This is all part of your marketing plan; you create all of these different pieces and mix them together to create this perfect message. If anything is out of place, you may not be as effective. We’ve discussed the differences between internal versus external marketing, we’ve developed your target audience, and recognized what your brand awareness is. Now, it’s time to discuss each piece needed to build effective marketing. If you’ve done research into marketing, you know that there is four P’s of marketing that have evolved over the years, sometimes into seven different categories, however, for the purpose and simplicity of building the foundation for a strong marketing plan, we’re only going to discuss the four P’s. Again, they are product, place, price, and promotion. It doesn’t matter which order they are in, as long as they all coincide together.

In order to begin leveraging your marketing, you must understand each piece of the marketing mix and how it can affect the next piece as well as your overall marketing plan. At each step, don’t forget who your target audience is and why you’re creating this piece. We’ll break down each piece, so you have a better understanding of what it is and why it will affect your plan. Then we’ll ask questions to help you brainstorm an effective marketing plan for your practice, and give you examples on how to put each piece into place. Let’s start with product!