Hey Guys! Welcome to the next course, Marketing Channels! We’re going to talk about the different channels you can use to ensure your practice is reaching your target audience. A marketing channel is any method or platform you choose to utilize for marketing purposes. Your marketing channels can be digital or print, or even a combination of both. Digital marketing platforms include websites, social media, emails, videos, radio, television, as well as influencer marketing. Print marketing channels include newspaper ads, magazines, brochures, direct mail, and press releases. We’ll discuss some of these marketing channels and the pros to using them in your practice. You will have to determine which channels will reach your target audience. You don’t have to utilize every single one of these marketing channels. You should however, select the ones that best suit your practice and your ideal audience. Then, do those channels well. Remember, it’s important to be where your patients are rather than trying to get your patients to come to you.

Let’s get started with the different marketing channels we'll be discussing.