Advantages and Disadvantages

So, for contact lens patients that are in a soft lens, what are some disadvantages that they may experience while in those lenses as compared to a different type of contact lens or glasses, for example? Those things may include that the lenses themselves are susceptible to tears due to the shape and the material of the lens. Some patients may experience mild light sensitivity while wearing the lenses, mild headaches as they become accustomed to the lenses. Some patients may experience corneal ulcers or abrasions, typically this is from overwear. Some patients may experience decentration or movement of the lens during wear and can cause blurry vision. Deposit accumulation will affect the clarity of the lens.


And on the other hand, what are a few advantages that the patient may experience while in a soft contact lens? Well, most patients will report that the lenses are in fact very comfortable, especially upon initial insertion, they feel good. And that they don’t fog up compared to glasses and are ideal for sports activities. And most often, patients will seek contact lens wear as a cosmetic solution, so that everyone can see that beautiful face that’s not hidden behind glasses and just offers a different overall look of the patient that they may prefer of themselves. So definitely some points to discuss with your patients as you’re letting them know some advantages and disadvantages of a specific contact lens.