EyeMed Exam and Contact Lenses

Hello! Let’s review how to file an exam, contact lenses, and a contact lens benefit to EyeMed. Obviously, we are going to select the services and materials that we are filing for and we’ll select submit a claim. 


Next, you’ll select the exam type, refraction, and the appropriate exam diagnosis, and yes/no for disease reporting.


Then, you will slide down the page to the contact section. You will want to select yes or no for Disposable Contacts/Planned Replacement, based on the type of contact you are filing for.


For this patient, we’ve selected yes.


This will bring in additional questions. You will need to select the manufacturer, the brand, the modality, and then you will enter the number of boxes and select the material you are filing for. 


Next, you will enter your exam fit and your follow-up information and continue on to the next page.


Here you will enter your patient’s account number followed by the usual & customary charges for the services and materials provided as shown in the patient’s account ledger within your practice management software and continue, select next page.


As always, you want to review your claim prior to submitting it. Once you have reviewed the information is correct and the claim is ready to file, then you will click submit a claim!


Congratulations! You’ve submitted another claim to EyeMed! This time for exam and contact lenses!