EyeMed Exam

Hello! Let’s begin this course by filing an exam claim to EyeMed. Once you’ve logged into your EyeMed account and have retrieved your member’s benefits, you will select the service or benefits you are needing to file for. For this one, we will select the exam and click submit.


As we scroll down the page, you will see that the exam section has appeared for you to begin filling out your patient’s exam information. 


Select the exam code and ensure it matches the exam information in your patient’s account within your practice management software. 


Now generally, you will see procedures billed to a member’s health insurance. However, if you need to file those to EyeMed, you will enter those here. 


Then you will select the appropriate refraction. 


Next, you will enter the patient’s primary diagnosis. For exam benefit coverage, this is most likely be a refractive diagnosis. Always verify that you are checking the patient’s account and billing appropriately. 


Next, you will select yes or no for disease reporting. If selecting yes, you will check all known conditions. 


If you select no, you will continue to the next page. 


Next, you will enter your patient’s account number and then you will enter your usual and customary (U&C) charges for the services here. These are the charges you will generally see come through your practice. Continue to the next page. 


As always, you want to verify your claim information one last time prior to submitting it. It is much easier and more efficient to submit everything correctly the first time. Once you have verified the claim as correct, you are ready to click submit. 


Congratulations! You’ve now submitted your first vision exam claim to EyeMed!