Price: Paid vs Organic Digital Ads

Okay, let’s talk about price. You can certainly go the free method with sidewalk recruiting, word-of-mouth, that’s fine, but if you’re going to go digital you might consider a couple of different options. For the platform, I would certainly recommend a sponsored ad. Sponsoring your ad is kind of like search engine optimization. It’s going to throw your ad towards the top of the pile, ensuring more applicants have the opportunity to see your ad. Just don’t forget to turn the sponsorship off once you have enough applicants to sort through, or once you fill the position.


Alright, the second thing you can do with digital platforms is organic search or posting. So, you can certainly create a Facebook post for your business page that says, “Career opportunity. We’re hiring. Here’s how to apply”, and that is a free method. Ask your employees to go share your career opportunity ad. This is a great way to get reach and shows that your employees love to work at your office. Why else would they share that? So, this is going to be the less expensive option and it’s a little bit different strategy, as well, based on the platform you’re using. So, if you’re going Facebook, go ahead and try organic. There is also an option for sponsored, of course. On, I would certainly recommend a sponsored ad at some level.