Rules and Regulations

When it comes to understanding patient privacy, security, and technology, it’s very important you know the rules and regulations that you must follow to keep your patient’s health information safe.


As we continue to use technology to improve patient care, we are consistently faced with additional challenges when it comes to protecting our patient’s PHI. We must also continue to protect this information from unauthorized use and disclosure. It is important to understand the forms of technology being used and the precautions we must take to safeguard patient information. It is extremely important that you as an employee do everything in your power to follow HIPAA and organizational policies and procedures to prevent the violation, which can lead to organization and individual fines and penalties or termination of employment.


Our patients entrust us with their healthcare information; therefore, we must protect it against deliberate or inadvertent misuse or disclosure. The consequences of not complying with HIPAA are far too great. It is imperative that we continue to follow informational and security policies that have been put in place and do the right thing, protect our patient’s privacy and confidentiality of their PHI.