Scheduling an Interview by Telephone

Step two is scheduling an interview by telephone. You just finished asking about the Telephone Filter Questionnaire. 


Next, you’ll want to either choose to invite or not invite that applicant for an in-person interview. We want to go ahead and mention right here that there is an external resource available. The Application for Employment is a standard document and is valid across all 50 states if you get the correct copy. We’ve provided a link to this resource. This is also available online or through your local big box office supply stores.


Each candidate that arrives at your office for an interview should have already filled out your standard application. If they have not, you’ll want to go ahead and instruct them to do so as soon as they arrive at your office, prior to taking them back and asking your first set of interview questions. The reason for this is because of legal situations. If this application is not legal to work in the United States, then you’ll want to exclude them from your candidate pool. One of the key questions on the standard application is, “Are you a US citizen, and can you provide the documentation required to prove so?” This is an external resource. Please ensure you have a copy of this for each candidate that you interview, regardless of if they provided their resume. So, if they provided their resume, wonderful. They’ll also need this resource before you interview them. 


Let’s take a look at step number 2 on the Interview Procedure resource. The purpose of scheduling an interview by telephone is to continue the interview process. The applicant satisfied your filter questions during the telephone interview. Next, invite them to a formal interview. Take note: Do they appear to be taking down notes regarding your instructions and repeat the details back to you for confirmation? Do they thank you for calling and customer service you by smiling through the phone, and communicating with positive energy? Remember, the habits that they have with you on the phone are the same habits that they’ll be relying on to your patients when they’re answering the phone at your office, should they be hired. Refer to this resource, as well, for a call script to help you through the scheduling process.