Supplemental Information for Operations Management – Federal Trade Commission

Another document that you will see come into play as it was first introduced in 2020 in the US by the Federal Trade Commission is the contact lens rule. This is to verify any patients fitted for contact lenses are given a copy of their contact lens prescription, whether or not it is requested. It is also required that the patient sign a statement confirming that they’ve received their prescription. The format in which the prescription needs to be released to the patient, whether it’s a hard copy or through the patient portal or an electronic version has been outlined by the Federal Trade Commission and I would encourage you to visit their website to refer to for any resources, changes, or updates. They have since then retracted the ruling, due to allowing offices to focus on the impacts of COVID. However, it is likely that they will reimplement the ruling in the future and you should strive to put these best practices in place as you’re creating good habits.