Understanding HIPAA Complaints, Violations, and Consequences Objectives

Welcome to Understanding HIPAA Complaints, Violations, and Consequences. Within this course, we are going to get an understanding of how a patient should file a complaint should they need to regarding HIPAA, as well as common violations among Covered Entities and Business Associates, top violations amongst employees individually, consequences to HIPAA violations as well as understanding how we can continue to work to prevent HIPAA violations in the future.


As a practice who handles patient information on a daily basis, we must have a procedure for patients to address complaints in place within our office. Under the HIPAA act, patients should contact the HIPAA security officer within the practice as well as the HIPAA program office to make a complaint. The Office of Civil Rights which is the federal government agency in charge of enforcing the HIPAA Privacy Rule has a website for patients to file a complaint electronically.