Verification Process

It’s important to implement a verification process to ensure accuracy. This is to help eliminate any delays to a patient’s order and manage expenses with proper procedures.


  1. Review the notes – Is this lens a trial lens, is this lens okay to order, are we to call the patient when trial lenses come in, or are they going to be seen for a follow-up visit?
  2. Ensure that it is the correct prescription
  3. Ensure that the order received from the supplier matches the description in the patient management system
  4. For any direct shipping orders, you’ll want to review the invoice that came into your office and ensure that the demographic information matches and that it’s being shipped to the correct location
  5. Ensure that the brand and quantity match to the patient statement, that matches the quantity ordered, requested by the patient
  6. Review standards for acceptability and rejections – Is there any damage to the boxes, any damage to the lenses?
  7. Mark the boxes appropriately, whether it’s indicated for the right eye, or is it for the left eye. And be sure to not mark the boxes directly, as this can reject any returns to the manufacturers in the event that we need to change something to the prescription.
  8. Store the lenses appropriately while pending pick up – Is there a process or a location on how to properly store the lenses and know where to find them when the patient does come to pick them up?