VSP Exam and Contact Lenses

Let’s review how to submit a claim for exam and contact lenses. You’ll begin by repeating steps 1 through 8 to fill in the patient’s exam information. You will enter the patient’s date of service, check “I attest” and then you will select the exam type from the drop-down and check the refraction. Select whether or not a dilation was performed, report any conditions the patient has, select whether or not PCP communication has been completed or is planned for diabetic patients, and enter the diagnosis code. 


Once that is complete, you will add your contact lens exam and materials steps. Select the contact lens material or type, select contact lens reason, whether it’s elective or necessary, choose the contact lens services that were provided, select the contact lens manufacturer, select the contact lens brand, enter the number of contact lens boxes purchased and select the contact lens modality from the drop-down. Then, you will scroll down the page to continue through the remaining steps. Enter your patient’s information and verify your insured name is correct. Select your physician information, enter your patient account number, and verify that you are filing with the correct facility information. Add any additional information if necessary and select “Calculate.” 


Now that we have hit calculate, we see the original claim page with the procedure codes for the services and materials that we are billing. You will see you need to enter the number of units provided for V2520. You will also enter your usual and customary charges for your exam and your materials, followed by the patient paid amount, and click “Submit.” 


Congratulations! You’ve just filed a VSP claim.