VSP Exam

Hello. Now that we have successfully logged into Eyefinity and retrieved our member’s authorization, let’s file a VSP vision exam. First, we will enter the date of service for the exam and select “I attest that I will provide the patient or guardian with a VSP savings statement.” Then you will select the exam type from the drop-down and check refraction. Select from the dropdown next to dilation performed yes or no reason on file. 


For diabetic patients, you will select whether or not you have communicated with the patient’s PCP. Then you’ll select any conditions the patient is known to have and you will enter the patient’s refractive diagnosis for the exam. Enter any required patient information and select the sex of the patient here. Then you will select your physician from the drop-down into your patient’s account number and verify the correct facility information is located in box 32. If you have any additional claim information necessary to add, you would add that to box 19. 


Once all of your data has been entered, select “Calculate.” The original claim page will refresh and it will populate all of the information you have entered. Ensure that all of the necessary procedure codes match your practice management software patient account ledger and then you will enter your usual and customary charges. Enter the patient’s paid amount. This is the total amount the patient paid for the services or materials rendered. Once you’ve verified your claim is correct, click “Submit.” 


Congratulations! You just filed a VSP claim.