10 Exam Template

Now we are ready to review the exam template tabs. We've created a 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 exam scheduled exams for you to review. Do keep in mind that you can implement these templates as they are or you can customize any exam/schedule template to make it work for your practice circumstances and patient care cycle. In all of our schedule templates, we break out the entire patient clinical experience as this allows for a clearer picture on were the patient will be within what time frame. You will have a special testing column, used as needed based on testing ordered or with the patient’s exam type.  Pretesting column, doctor and optical. The patient encounter follows the patients process and is color coded on the template to easily see. For instance, pretesting 1 is a green cell, patient arrives at 8:00 and will be completed with pretesting and in room with doctor at 8:20 and potentially in our dispensary in optical at 8:40. Huddles are also included in our templates both before and at the end of the day.                                                                                                                                                     

Off to the right of the template descriptions of the cells that are listed for reference. In this case, blue for disinfecting and purple for team/optical tasks. You will also find suggested schedule guidelines that we took into consideration when building the schedule template.                          

Schedule optimization is also listed. This is important information that allows you and the team to see the potential total problem focused exams, the potential doctor days per week, month and year as well as the potential receipts per week, month and year. 

The 10 exam template makes the most of your team while working with a limited number of employees. Use this template if you are working with 1 doctor and 1 or 2 staff.  The template is based on a one-on-one staff-to-patient ratio with staff being able to perform all office duties; special testing, pretesting, and optical. This template is at a minimum exams per day and allows the least amount of exposure and adequate time for disinfecting the office when more stringent and physical distancing requirements are mandated or requested. In some cases, extending clinic hours and days may be necessary to attain weekly exam goal. The template is designed with 20 minute exams and 10-15 minute special testing and pretesting with doctor performing most pretesting.