12 & 14 Exam Template

Now, let's move on to our 12 and 14 exam templates. Both these templates allow you to work with reduced staff or a rotation of staff while limiting the number of patients physically in the office at once. We recommend 3-4 staff minimum when implementing this model. Each template allows time for disinfecting after each patient with a 1-hour lunch rotation or the option to close the office for a 30-minute lunch break. One of the best features of our templates is to be able to customize for your practice needs. The one thing to consider is a schedule that allows you to schedule for each type of service. In our templates we build specifically for comprehensive exams, office visits as well as for no charge office visits like your cataract post op appointments or contact lens follow ups.   

Also, keep in mind that a well-built medical practice schedule template, your office visit appointments should be about 49% of the number of comprehensive exams you average. In other words, if you see 16 full exams/day, you should build in 8 office visits to that day. That is how these templates are constructed.