Adding Future Staff

What about your next hire? Here's some questions to consider when deciding when to hire your next employee. Is your schedule consistently booked? Is your practice capturing walk-in or outside prescriptions? Have you done a time audit and know that you could see one more patient per day, if you had another employee? Have you transitioned to working in your practice full-time? Once you arrive at the decision to hire another staff member, the front desk should be covered at all times the doctors in the office seeing patients. you may be hiring for a front desk position or your initial hire may assume that primary role and you will be hiring for another area the practice, likely the optical. Now, there are some numbers that you will review eventually to help you understand from a financial perspective when it makes sense to hire future staff. So, we're going to talk more about this during the financial course, but what I want you to remember is just that we talked about the need to have more than just a gut feeling or staff asking to hire, to evaluate when it makes sense to employ an additional staff person, k? Just remember that financials will back up the emotional decision, k? So, it might make sense when a staff person comes to you and says “doctor, we just can't keep up.” Okay, that's one, just one look at it, but there are some financial numbers. However, benchmarks don't typically fall into place until about the second year, but remember I said early on, I want to set you up for your practice, the success for your entire career and so we're going to look at those numbers a little bit later.