Performance Reviews

Performance reviews; the opportunity to sit down with your staff and talk about their performance and also just making sure that expectations align on both sides of the table. How is the staff feeling about their new job as well? So, performance reviews, a little bit forward-thinking here. Early on you’ll have those conversations with staff probably frequently, but true performance reviews, they are so important to staff. They want that feedback. So, the recommendation for a long time was yearly and some practices, some businesses still do them yearly, but they are trending toward much more frequency. Especially young people want feedback often and so minimum now is twice a year and some businesses are actually going to, there called one-on-ones, once a month. So again, this is a little bit forward-thinking for performance reviews at that six-month or one-year mark and I will be providing more information to you, but just wanted to touch on that as you know, just there really, really important to staff. So, just the take away from this is just do them.