Advertising is a great way to get in front of new patients, when you have a budget for it. When we discussed social media marketing, we talked about organic posts, where you can post content without paying a fee. Advertising is where you are paying for the content to be shown to your target audience. You may have seen different advertising at the top of search engines or as you scroll social media channels. This gives you the option to advertise directly to the people searching for your product or services. You’re able to narrow down your audience or get your content in front of people who fit your current patient base with different algorithms. When it comes to determining how much to spend on advertising and if your advertising is working, you can see how much you’re spending per click, when a pay per click option on your advertising is utilized. Review your analytics often to be sure that you are spending the appropriate amount of money on the advertising that you are using, and adjust accordingly if you need to. There's no perfect dollar amount when it comes to advertising.