Now that you have a list of trade names and slogans, we’ll begin research on the availability of each trade name. This is a critical step. Do your research! This includes looking on search engines, social media platforms, and your secretary of state website.

Start with searching your 3-5 trade names on your secretary of state website. Once you’ve found your state, move to checking for availability. Fill out the requested information and allow the system to search your potential trade names.

After you’ve searched your secretary of state, continue your search on social media platforms and search engines. Type in one trade name at a time and review the options that show up for you. It may not be your exact trade name, so get an understanding for what people are using the similar trade names for. While you are here, do some more recon, look at their logos and their slogans.

If the trade name you want is still available after doing your research, you can begin looking for a professional to start creating a relationship with for designing your logo.