Calculator Tab

Now let's look at the calculator – full view tab. You'll want to refer to a YTD profit and loss to have your total income collected YTD. You'll also want to fill in how many months is being reported from your profit and loss statement. Total income for that period is entered into cells D5 as well as cost of goods for that same time frame.                

Cost of goods plus variable 12% will self-calculate. We find that in today's business environment, there are significant ongoing increases in variable expenses. Therefore, it's important to add an additional 12% "buffer" to your cost of goods percentage to ensure that you protect your practice net.   Your adjusted breakeven gross profit and contribution margin as well as your average estimated income with then compute percentage will also self-calculate as well as your average estimated income.  

Now you're ready to enter your estimated average monthly expenses in yellow cells below. Enter cost of goods sold, fixed, overhead and staff operating expenses. As well as associated doctor payroll totals. (If further definition is needed in each of these categories, like our other spreadsheets, you will find a small red triangle in the right-hand side of that cell, hover on the top of the triangle and a description for those categories are listed for you there).                                                                                                                            

Now you are ready to enter your projected monthly doctor days. Please keep in mind that 1 doctor day is equal to 8 clinic hours or 4 clinic hours is equal to 1/2 doctor days. You can also add all your clinic hours together and divide by 8. Make sure to include all doctor's clinic hours. For example, if Dr. Smith and Dr. Thomas both work 8 clinic hours in a day that will equal 2 doctor days.                                                                                                                                                                             

Cells in purple, will self calculate, that includes your total operating expenses and total monthly expenses. Your current monthly breakeven is calculated by including your CM percentage in cell E8. This total is found in cell D31 and is divided by your projected doctor days to compute your current daily breakeven in cell D33.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Utilize the minimum exam goal table to the right. Refer to your RPP and your daily receipts "breakeven," to identify the minimum number of comprehensive exams needed per day. We designed the cells to turn green if the values meet your "breakeven." As a way to easily and quickly see that at a glance. Let's review the provided example tab.