Chair Cost in Relation to Optical

Next, when we have a patient who is ready to invest in enhancing their visual performance with quality products, we must create value!​ Let’s look at what happens to our chair cost in relation to optical.

For our example, our patient has a VSP Signature plan, our exam reimbursement is a total of $59.50.

We give them a “covered standard progressive,” because this is a patient who only wants what’s covered by their insurance.

On an average, we will see a return of $55 on a frame. With a standard progressive, we will see a reimbursement of approximately $10 on lenses. No add-ons.

For this patient, our total reimbursement comes to $124.50. Given that we actually received the $55 frame reimbursements, we came just *this close* to not beating our chair cost.

So, let’s say our reimbursement for the exam is on the lower end. Now, you have received a reimbursement on the exam for $40, $55 on the frame, and still only $10 on the lenses. That brings you to a total reimbursement of $105. You still need $15 to break even or to cover your chair cost.