Cover Our Costs

We want you, whether you are the doctor, the owner, the office manager, or even the team member to understand what these numbers mean so that you can have a better understanding of the business side of our practice. Every thing you do for the practice, affects the practice. And whether it has a negative or positive effect, is determined by how much knowledge we have and how much we know. We want to give you the best understanding.

If we do not cover our costs, we can’t afford to remodel or keep our office nicely updated.

If we do not cover our costs, we cannot afford to invest back into our practice for new technology required to stay competitive in the optometry world.

And most importantly, if we are not financially stable, we do not have the money to face challenges that may cross our path, such as a pandemic.

As a business and as a practice, we have to be profitable to ensure that we remain financially stable.