Code Changes

As you know Martiza, in addition to those changes are the addition of a code G22111 that has to do with visit complexity inherent to the evaluation of management associated with medical services that serves as a continuing focal point. It’s really talking about an additional code for highly complex problems. And then there’s been the deletion of the 92225 and 92226 codes, that has to do with extended ophthalmoscopy, both initial and subsequent. And those have been replaced with two codes that don’t have quite the same definitions 92201 code is for ophthalmoscopy with retinal drawing and scleral depression of the peripheral retinal disease and it's gotta have the interpretation of a report. And then 92202 has to do with extended ophthalmoscopy drawing of the optic nerve and macula, for glaucoma or macular pathology or tumor, with interpretation of report. Keep in mind that you don’t report those on the same day that you might report a 92250 for ocular photography or any other imaging like 92133 or a 92134. In addition to that, theoretically if you can get a clear picture of the lesion, you shouldn't be doing extended ophthalmoscopy, unless you were Michelangelo, because the picture is probably going to be better than your drawing. As you’re still going to have to have your interpretation of report, just be a little bit careful with that. Again, don't code those codes on the same day and then there's also a new code, it’s 0563T for Meibomian gland treatment or evacuation of Meibomian glands, using heat through a wearable, open lid treatment device. So this is not for Lipiflow or maybe even Mipoflow? This is for the instruments that actually set externally on the lids and heat it up and then you do manual gland expression, either unilateral or bilateral, usually bilateral following the heat.