Time Criteria

We also wanted to be sure to include the time criteria that you should utilize for that process. It includes all face-to-face and associated non-face-to-face time for chart, for the patient. Total personal time spent by the provider on the day of the visit, this includes reviewing tests, obtaining history, examination and or evaluation, the time to order medications, tests, or procedures. This does also include time for documentation, interpreting and communicating results, referral and care coordination. G2212 only use with 99205 and 99215 list in addition to E&M code. Use to report a 15 minute increment, if under do not report this code, only if reporting time-based. Do not report in conjunction with 99415 or 99416.

All great points there Maritza. All of these time-based reporting very well may work in some cases, especially low vision evaluation that tends to take more time and Maritza may have mentioned there, this includes both face-to-face time and non face-to-face time, but it’s physician time. It’s actually billing provider time.