Okay, so let's review what you have listed for your current patient base, your competitors target audience, what you found for social media, and who your ideal patient is. We're going to compile all of that information and create your target audience. Use this and create a Eyewear Elizabeth for your practice. Make her real, or him, and create that audience for yourself.

So, what similarities are you noticing? Is there anything that stands out that you weren't expecting for your target audience? Use this information and create that target audience, but don't break it down too far. You can have more than one specialty, but the goal is to find that perfect balance. Narrowing your audience done too far will eliminate the potential for growth, but being too broad you won't be able to resonate with anyone, because you're reaching everyone.

So, once you've completed the workbook, if you have questions because you're aren't able to get that target audience narrowed down perfectly, go ahead and contact the Williams Group marketing team, we're here to help!