Ideal Patient

Okay, so as we talked about, dreaming up that ideal patient. This is your buyer persona, it's a fictional character that you're going to create. Again, if you need help from your team, this is where it'll come into play. I really want you to have fun with this. Dream up all of the things that make the perfect patient to you. There's no right or wrong, it's just what you love to see in your practice. How great would it be to have a day full of patients that you love? It can happen, I promise. We just have to make sure that we're reaching those patients. But who is it? What does that ideal patient look like? I've got to admit, this is my favorite part, so let's get started. 

When you're dreaming up this ideal patient, narrow it down using this criteria: How old is your ideal patient? Where does your patient live? Are you in a big city? How far do you think your patient will drive to come to your office? What type of education does your ideal patient have? What is their income or their household income? Do they have a family? This is also something to think about, do you enjoy seeing children or maybe you have a specialty? Do your hours allow for this type of patient to visit? What is your patient's interests or hobbies? These are all key characteristics that you should narrow down when thinking about your target audience, so you know who and how to market.

Okay, to give you an example this would be my ideal patient. Eyewear Elizabeth. So, this is Elizabeth. She's a controller with her Bachelor's in accounting. She oversees a team of six. Elizabeth spends her weekends camping with her family. She's married, she's 40 years old with two kids. Parker who is 12 and Peyton who is 10. Elizabeth and Brian have a household income of $125,000. They enjoy their four-bedroom ranch in a suburban neighborhood, but they both work in the city. Elizabeth prides herself on her fashion and enjoys matching her frames to her handbags. Elizabeth is nearsighted and now both children have been diagnosed with myopia. Elizabeth prefers afternoon appointments, text reminders, and new frames posted on social media. So, that's Elizabeth, Eyewear Elizabeth. I gave her a fun name and I made her real. She's my ideal patient and now I'll be able to speak directly to her with all of my marketing.