Thank you for joining me for "Recruit, Select, and Onboard Your Staff". Let's recap our courses in this program.

We started with clarity and the SWOT analysis.

Next, we moved into new hire preparation. This was the course where you went ahead and customized all the resources we have available.

Next, we covered recruiting methods. We took all of those resources and put them into play. Be sure to keep your resource titled the Recruiting Procedure handy.

Next, we covered the interview and selection process. We went through the seven steps of the interview and provided a step by step guide through these steps. You should have created a binder particularly for this course. The first resource at the front of that binder should be the Interview Procedure.

Next, we just covered onboarding your VIP, course five. In this course, you created a binder for the manager or CEO and a binder for your new hire or VIP. Ensure you keep the resource titled Onboarding Procedure handy. These three main resources, including Recruiting Procedure, Interview Procedure, and Onboarding Procedure will help remind you of the key steps you need to take as you recruit, select, and onboard your VIP.