Maritza, Thank you for allowing me to be involved in this presentation. I hope this is helpful to all of our clients and a couple things as we mentioned early on, that I believe might help the most practices is just pull some charts. Maybe five charts at the end of each week for a few weeks and really look at your medical decision making and score them out and make sure that you're really comfortable with how you did that. Think through your process and differential decision tree based on each component of the elements. And as long as you're comfortable, you’re going to develop in a very short time, I think a pretty clear path to your end code. And then, continue to develop those skills as time goes on. This presentation will be accessible by you or the doctor or the staff in our Optometric Success Learning Library at any time. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions about this as we’ll be constantly reviewing this process over the next few months and once again, thanks to everyone for viewing this presentation and let us know if there are things we could have done to make it easier for you. And thank you Martiza for putting this together. 

Thank you Dr. Cockrell and thank you to our viewers here. If you have any questions, be sure to send those along to your office manager or your doctor and they can reach out to their coaches or consultants, whoever it is that they are working with here at Williams Group and we’ll keep you updated as if there's any changes to all the information released, but again thank you for joining us today.