Confrontations Test

So, let’s review how to perform a confrontation visual field test. So, for this test, you don’t need any special equipment other than an occluder. You’ll have the patient patch their left eye, so we’re going to test the right eye first. And when doing so, you’ll have the patient look at your left eye. And with your left hand, to start in the upper left quadrant, you’re going to have the patient maintain focus on your left eye, and about 18-24 inches away from the patient, you’re going to hold up a hand holding up a finger count. And you’ll repeat that in each quadrant and you’ll have the patient repeat what it is that they can see. And if the patient misses, you’ll repeat in that quadrant. If the patient was able to correctly tell you how many fingers you had held up at each quadrant, then you can document a full-to-finger count. So, a FTFC in the patient’s chart. That identifies that the patient was able to see in all quadrants.