So, let’s take a minute to review the instrumentation for the Humphreys Matrix visual fields or the Humphreys FDT. With this type of instrumentation, the patient will keep their corrective lenses on. You just have to make sure their forehead is against the machine and make sure you have the instrument set on the right eye and then you’ll enter the patient data and then you may have to select a few prompts on the screen, and then you can proceed with the test. With this one, same concept, you’ll still hand the patient a remote, you’ll still ask them to click the button any time they see a flashing pattern and just remind them that the brightness will vary during the test. It is a threshold test, so it’s meant to show a wide range of pattern intensity. Again, don’t worry if they miss any.

So that concludes the procedures for the Humphreys FDT and the Humphreys Matrix visual fields test.