So, what goes into that command center or your central communications center? Well, remember, ask your Executive Management Coach, we're here to help and we know how to set these up. But to kind of give you an overview of what this would look like, it would be your insurance manuals, it would be your policies and procedures, it would be any training materials that you have, your employee handbook, it would be office brochures or marketing materials,  YouTube links and even a daily/weekly bulletin to keep communication clear with your team on any changes or upcoming events that you might have going on. This truly is designed to be command central and just think about how decluttered your office could become or may be improved with housing everything within your central communication system. 

Let's look at some of the other benefits. First, to provide you with a centralized location that houses frequently used office documents. Second, you can designate access through structured folder permission. Third, accessibility. You can access anywhere if the individuals are given permission. So, cell phone, computer, tablet, just think about the possibilities of being able to have information accessible at your fingertips when you're helping your patients. Fourth, it is a great internal and external communication tool, for both your team and your patients. For example, you can create a daily bulletin board to update your staff on changes within the practice or upcoming events. it also allows them to be able to answer questions and to have a learning library that assists you in building your team’s knowledge. It can also be used for patient education by creating a patient education folder with educational videos and materials that you can easily share with your patients. And finally, it gives you the confidence in knowing you're providing your team with a structured platform to help eliminate the guessing game and I didn't know it because I didn't know how. Remember, we always want to put our team in a winning position.