Command Central

Now, let's talk about that command central. In this day and age, we truly are a technology-driven society and in fact, these next two tools I’m going to discuss or suggest for you, very well may be right at your fingertips right now, just not being optimized to their fullest potential to improve that communication, improve that workflow, and enhanced that clarity. So, let's collaborate a little bit together here and talk about some ideas. First, if you have not digitalized your practice or if you plan to be proactive with these recommendations, which I hope you are, it's important that you have a strategic plan to position your business and your team for change. Very, very important that you have communication. This is the difference between being proactive and reactive. And remember, we're here to help.

So, what do I mean by command central? Well, it’s your central communication system. It’s the heartbeat of your practice for communication. In fact, we use one within our team here at Williams Group. So, what are they? Well, there's a multitude of platforms that you can use, but I'm going to talk about two of them that more than likely one of them is already within your practice and that would be the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, which includes OneDrive and/or SharePoint. So, it's the OneDrive in the SharePoint that would be your central communication system within Microsoft or Google Drive. It’s free, it's right there and you have it to use. 

Both of these are cloud-based document storage tools for communication and collaboration and tools that you can control access to. Now, you may be asking, is there a little bit of a learning curve on this, well I'm willing to bet that if you ask someone within your practice, they very well may have used these tools at some point in their life, school or other work areas. As well as there is a multitude of YouTube, easy learning tutorials and you know what, we are here! Ask your Executive Management Coach and we’ll be happy to answer questions.