Cost of Goods

Once you have outlined what product offerings you’d like to be able to present and prescribe for your patients within your optical dispensary, we need to move on to determining your cost of goods. You’ll want to gather all of the price sheets or price lists for the individual labs that you’re going to use within your practice.

Once you find that, you need to notate what the cost of goods you’re going to pay for all of the different lens options that you want to pay within your practice. So, once you review all of your lab price sheets, you’re going to figure out which labs you want to use. This is an important step, because you may determine that you don’t need as many labs as you currently use or it may behoove of you to make sure that you add an additional labs to get all of the different product offerings that you want to be able to offer to your patients.

Finally, take a moment to write down or input into an Excel spreadsheet, all of your lens options costs, in order to complete our lens pricing matrix.