Marketing Dashboard

The marketing dashboard. The dashboard provides a compelling, live view of the playing field. You see monthly and year-to-date graphs to tell the story of your clinic’s vision and journey.

Here we have the new patient acquisition year-to-date speedometer gauge and the shopper call conversion rate speedometer gauge. Each orange segment represents either your goal or your benchmark. Your actual performance is here in blue and indicated by the needle on the speedometer. You can see if you are ahead or behind your goal or benchmark through placement of the speedometer. Over here on the monthly graphs you can see each quantity by month. Remember you set your goal for each month so if your month is not yet completed, remember you still have time to catch your goal. The real-time tracking measuring stick here, indicated in pink, allows you to see exact quantities, and form a plan of action to win. On the new patient acquisition chart, you can see that we are behind 62 new patients to achieve our year-to-date goal. Over here you can see our actual real-time performance of 41% new patients. This is calculated daily, versus your monthly calculations here. On the shopper call conversion rate speedometer and gauge we’ve included how many calls you’ve received, versus calls you converted, versus calls you should have converted. You can see you are ahead by 13 calls and are exceeding the industry benchmark of 70%. Additional keys stat graphs include family member conversion and your manual recall efforts.

Let’s take a look at the interactive text boxes. They allow you to record your wildly important goals, also known as lag measures. Document your current results, desired results, and the deadline to reach the desired result. Additional questions help you decide which lead measures are influenceable that will help create leverage to move the needle for positive change and hit your wildly important goal. WIGs also provide you and your team with vision and purpose.

Next, be sure to check out the recommended courses for this section of the scoreboard. Click on the interactive Optometric Success Center icon to log in and register for the recommended courses. Here, you will receive additional training and support to help you achieve your wildly important goals. We recommend no more than two wildly important goals so there is an additional text box for that second WIG.

Raw data scoreboards are presented in monthly format with red flag indicators to help you spot opportunities to regroup on your plan of action. This format will also be helpful for team meetings and communications.

Finally, have some fun with the interactive game pieces to draw attention to lag major graphs and other areas of your dashboard.