Marketing Task List

So, we were just talking about accountability, plan of action, lead measures. How do we keep all of our information organized and prioritize it in order to execute our WIGs, our wildly important goals?

Welcome to the marketing task list. This is a blank canvas for you to keep up-to-date electronically. This is all so easy to print out to take with you at your desk.

So, you have ranking priorities here. You can fill in 1, 2, 3… maybe that’s 1A, 1B, 1C. You can also type in “Schedule monthly feature post for social media.” Okay, so maybe that’s one of the actions required to help create leverage to get to your wildly important goal. Who’s the leader on that? Is that you? You might be the leader of the marketing scoreboard, but is this you specifically that needs to do this task? So, maybe this is me. You want to make sure that I get this task done and you’re going to populate a deadline. So, you’ll notice this says schedule, so we’ll obviously want to schedule this before May and have it ready to go. So maybe I checked back, let’s go to 2021, there we go, and then the final deadline is the 25th of April for the May 1st monthly feature on social media.

If you have this printed out, you can use the final column to draw an “O” if you have decided to begin that task. You might have items on here that you anticipate will be a priority in the future but are going to let them be for now. You need to say no to the good sometimes and only focus on the great, so use an O to symbolize that you have started that task and then draw a line through it when you have completed that task or the person you have assigned that to has completed that task. So, use this as you see fit. It is a blank canvas for you and your team. Good luck.