Effective Interviewing

You will need to have a solid plan in place as you prepare to interview and it looks something like this: write out each interview question. It allows you to ask the same set of questions for candidate comparison. It also keeps you from asking any questions that you shouldn't for legal purposes. We will provide you with a list of sample interview questions, but keep this in mind, if it isn't job-related, simply don't ask. Don't rely on first impressions. Now, I know first impressions are very important, so I have that up there for a little effect. Some people are unbelievably nervous in an interview situation, so I just recommend that you give everybody just a minute to kind of settle into the meeting. And doctor, you might be really nervous as well if this is your first interview. If that's something you've not had to do before, so just give everybody a little chance to settle in. Don’t put all emphasis on experience or education. Again, hire the personality and don't hire based on the interview alone. So, don't hire based just strictly on the meeting, the person-to-person interview. So, let's look at those options.