Interviewing Process

Doctor, you’ll need to commit time to this process, to this interview process. And here’s what that could look like. Are you surprised to see so many steps as part of that interview process? You might be. So, let's start off at the telephone interview. After you have carefully gone through the resumes and the applications, you will select your top candidates. Those you are most interested in and schedule a phone interview. So, why would you have a telephone interview? Well, how about the opportunity to evaluate verbal communication skills? Someone who is likely going to be answering the phone in your new practice. It will also end up saving you some time. You will likely eliminate some candidates, again saving time from doing a personal interview. From those phone interviews, you're going to select your top candidates of interest. Maybe it's all of them, but at least a handful, hopefully and you're going to set up a personal interview. So, you're ready to interview, right? But your new office may not be ready to host interviews, for your initial employees and that's okay. In fact, a better option is to meet at a local coffee shop or meeting room, in a library or shared workspace. You should never be completely alone with candidates during the interview meeting. Background check can be part of your process. We’ll provide you with companies that you can order background checks, there online. Meet others. It’s really nice to have someone else meeting your top candidates. As your practice grows, it becomes easier. You can have a potential employee or candidate meet your other staff members. But initially, you might call on a family member or a colleague or a close friend to meet your top candidates and give their input. And lastly personality profile assessments. So, this is a great tool and these reports are provided for you, for your candidates, for your employees as part of your Williams Group program. So, I hope you take advantage of those because I really like personality profile assessments. They give us a better understanding of a behavioral style. How a candidate is likely to behave in a role. So, it's a really great tool, but again it's really the only one you have to do right? But doctor, commit time to this process.