Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a clear outline of company information, policies, and employee rights. Reasons you should implement an employee handbook include:

  • compliance with federal and state laws
  • clear and consistent communication of key company policies
  • showcases company benefits
  • helps generate company culture buy-in from new hires by clearly defining your mission, values, and expectations of the team
  • educates employees about what they can expect from management and leadership, and finally helps defend against employee claims such as wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination.

For discussion purposes only, we’ve included an example of the Nebraska employee handbook. Please see the attachment. This includes federal and state specific policies. Please also see the attachment for the builder key that denotes Federal vs. Nebraska specific policy.

Use this example to evaluate your current employee handbook, then consult your attorney or your human resource compliance service to create an updated version for your office.