Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Step 5: Enhance your Marketing Efforts

Maintaining relationships with our established patients is less expensive than the costs that may be incurred to acquire our new patients. You must reach out to your current patient base and communicate with them. Let them know your new policies and procedures going forward. Let them know exciting things to come in 2021. Increase their interest and get them back into your practice.

You must also be present. To be present, we must remain active in communicating with our patients, whether it’s through our website, through email, social media or even by phone. We must be present within our community. And we must reach out to schools and parents, and communicate and educate.

To help fill the schedule, enhance your efforts with family member conversion. Remember, our objective is to ensure that we have a full schedule. Our final goal is to always provide 5 STAR patient care. How do we do this with marketing efforts?

Let’s review some other options to help capture or recapture our patients:

Research articles and magazines to review new treatments by condition, then run a report and call your patients with this certain condition to let them know more information regarding the new treatment recommendations and invite them in for an exam.

Make additional efforts to educate parents about Children’s Vision and the importance of a Yearly Vision & Eye Health Exam, now more than ever with enhanced increase in technology usage.

In the event that you have a cancellation, slide the schedule, reach out to your waitlist, send an email blast, and post on social media.

What about marketing efforts for new patients?

Well, you must review and make sure your website, SEO, and social media efforts are exceptional.

When patients are looking for new providers, your chances are high that they were either referred by a friend or family member or that they found you at the top of the list when searching for eye doctors on Google or Bing. It’s important that your information is current and easily accessible.

Another option is to review the Shopper Conversion communication with your team and always ask those who have reached out to you and scheduled how they heard about you so that we can make sure that we are focusing and enhancing our marketing efforts where needed.