Evaluate Current Fees

Let’s begin to review how to evaluate your current fees within your practice. This course will not go in depth on how to set your fees, but this course will help you understand how to evaluate them. It is important to ensure you are completing a fee analysis of your services to make sure that we aren't leaving any money on the table. 

If you are enrolled in an Intensive Growth program with Williams Group, a fee analysis is included in your onboarding, but it will be important for you to understand where we get the information to ensure that you can complete this on an annual basis. 

First, you will need to run a report in our practice management software that shows the current fees of all services and materials within the practice that you use. Then, you will want to ensure that you compare these fees to CMS Medicare to ensure that you are not lower than the allowed amounts, based on your locality. If we are higher, you want to make sure you are not higher by more than 20%. If our fees are too high, this will lead to a higher write-off amount, which, if not taken this into consideration could cause some concerns.