Fee Analysis

To evaluate your fees with CMS Medicare, you will go to www.cms.gov.

Select Medicare -> Scroll Down to the section titled Medicare Fee-for-Service Payment and select Physician Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool -> To start your search, select the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool and select Start Search.

Then you will select click Accept to accept the terms and conditions to move forward. From the tool, you will want to select the year you are looking to compare followed by the selecting the Specific Locality option. Next, you will type the HCPCS or CPT code you are inquiring about, any modifiers that you use based on the service you are providing also select your Specific Locality. Click submit. You will do this for each code that you bill to ensure you are not leaving any dollars on the table. Compare your pricing to the Non-facility price of the physician fee schedule search to see where you may need to make some adjustments going forward.

If you find you need additional assistance in completing a fee analysis, reach out to your executive management coach or bring your questions to the live session following this program. Remember, we want to analyze our fees and look for any opportunities to increase our net profit as well as to enhance our patients visual performance and we want to analyze fees on an annual basis. Good luck!