Example Tab

We've provided an example tab.  Six months of P&L data was provided so 6 is entered into cell D4.  We've provided an example tab..  Auto calculated is the COG plus variable expenses and the adjusted breakeven gross profit and contribution margin, this totaled $419,328 at 78%. By taking that total by 6 months, the average estimated monthly income was also calculated for us at $69,888.00.  Now, we can see that the data for the estimated average monthly expenses in the yellow cells was also entered, 15,375.66 for COG'S, $5,500 for fixed operating expenses and $6000.00 for Overhead expenses. Staff operating expenses was entered at $16,773.12 with associate doctor payroll at $15,375.36 and a total owner doctor averaging out $10,483 per month. As we can see the total operating expenses factored at 62.45% for a total average of $43,648.48 plus the owner doctor payroll brought our total monthly expenses to $54,131.48.
                                                                                                                    Sixteen projected doctor days were entered into cell D29 and therefore our current monthly breakeven is $69,339.33 divided by our sixteen doctor days, which brings our current daily breakeven to $4,337.46 per doctor day.                                                                            

In this example, when we reference the Minimum exam goal table to the right, we refer to our receipts per patient (RPP) and our daily breakeven at $4,337.46 and we know that we need to utilize the cells in green options. If my RPP is at or below $200, I am not breaking even at even 18 Exams. (those cells are in pink) However, if my RPP is at $350, the minimum number of exams needed to breakeven per day is 14. But remember, we want profit, not just breakeven. So, we'd want to utilize the schedule template for 16 or more exams in order to be able to see that profit per day. Keep in mind, on our 16 exam per day template you still don't break even till you see the 14th exam. So, make sure to review our schedule optimization courses next on strategies to keep your schedules full and kept!