External Marketing Tactics

With external marketing tactics, you want to begin with your target audience, so you know who you are marketing to. You want to ensure your message is being sent to the audience that is interested in your services. It doesn’t matter how great your marketing is, if you are not reaching the target audience. You may select different types of marketing channels to reach the appropriate audience, but it’s important to have a general understanding of who you want to reach so you know the most effective way to reach them.

Bring value to your external marketing strategy. It’s not just about making as much noise as possible with your marketing. You want to be sure you are delivering value. The best marketing results will come from reaching your target audience and providing them with content that is valuable to them. When you’re developing your marketing plan, you’ll be thinking about what your target audience wants to see and know. This is what you will incorporate in your external marketing tactics. We talked about telling your story in your internal marketing plan, so be sure to incorporate that into your external marketing plan as well. Be relatable and build a connection with your potential patients.

Engage your target audience using content that they want to see. You should have done your market research to fully understand what kind of content will draw their attention. Use social listening to ensure you’re providing valuable content. By listening, you’ll be able to adjust to what they want to see and further engage with new patients.

Repetition is key to a strong marketing plan. You may feel like you’re repeating yourself, but you want to be sure your potential patients are consistently seeing your brand. You will have the same key message, it will just be relayed differently. The repetition of your message will help build your brand awareness and trust with patients.

By implementing an external marketing strategy, you are developing a plan to grow your practice. You’ll grow a relationship with your current patient base as well as growing a relationship with new patients.

At the end of the day, be sure you are real! You are human and so is your team, not to mention your new patients. Be consistent, create valuable content, have engaging conversations, and build trust. This is the key to strong external marketing.