Examples of External Marketing

Examples of external marketing include social media. Social media is a very strong marketing channel to use for external marketing. You can reach potential patients online by creating personal content that resonates with your target audience. This platform is easy to create a connection with potential patients because it provides you the opportunity to showcase photos and videos of your team and your practice. It allows you to engage, grow, and be repetitive with your brand. Think about showcasing your team so new patients know what friendly faces are in your office, show off your reception area and the amenities your patients enjoy while in your practice, or you can even highlight frames you offer.

Your office should have different marketing materials available and you should be utilizing these consistently. This can range from your business cards, appointment reminders, letter head, cover letters, direct mailers, or any informational brochures that you may have in your practice. Stay consistent with your brand.  Be sure your using your branding on all of these marketing materials to help potential patients recognize your practice when they think about needing their eye exams.

By having a blog on your website, you also have content to post on your social media. However, the main goal of having a blog with consistent branding is to show your potential patients that you are the expert. Your topics can include food to eat for healthy vision or maybe signs to look for glaucoma. It doesn't matter what your blog is about, just show your potential patients that you are the expert when it comes to eye care and healthy vision.

Send out a monthly newsletter via email. We suggest email, because aside from the time it takes to create the newsletter, email marketing is typically inexpensive. Your email again should, remain consistent with your brand and message. Create a landing page on your website that allows new patients to sign up for your newsletter before they even become a patient. You can also post previous newsletters on your website for patients to see what's happened in the past. This is a great opportunity to show case patients, employees, highlight frame lines, promote any open houses or trunk shows you are having.

Download our external marketing handout and begin listing ideas you can utilize in your practice to start external marketing today!