Now that you have selected and potentially customized your schedule template in Excel, it's time to implement it in your practice. If you know that you can't customize a schedule template within your practice management software, don't be discouraged. We have worked with doctors in the past that were limited in how they could implement, but were very successful, just by training the team on the printed copy of their template and used as a guideline for scheduling.

However, most if not all practice management systems out there, now have the ability to customize a schedule template, even if it's in some limited capacities. If you have not ever had the opportunity to implement a schedule template within your practice management software, please take the time to reach out and speak to your Practice Management Software customer support center or review your Practice Management Software training videos first. Another key note is to utilize the patient arrival time, as most of your patient communication software, like Soultion Reach and Weave will utilize this with confirmation messages.