Insurance Card

Since we are talking about gathering patient data accurately, I do want to give you a tip regarding the insurance information. So, what's vital here, is that it's important you enter the patient's name as it's shown on the insurance card. So, what do I mean by that, well my name is Robin and I spell it R-O-B-I-N. When you ask me for my insurance information, it's important that you say now Robin, may I go ahead and get your name as it’s spelled on the insurance card and if I come back and say oh yeah, they’ve got it misspelled, but it’s spelled R-O-B-Y-N on my card, I'm going to take note of that and I will enter into the software that way with the misspelling and then I'll make a note in the notes section that it's actually spelled R-O-B-I-N. Why am I going to do that? Well, if we submit that insurance claim with the corrected R-O-B-I-N it’s going to be denied, because it doesn't match what's on the insurance card. So, very, very important that you entered the name as it's exactly spelled on the insurance card.

Now, I also like to say this is a great opportunity to again, build that trust in that relationship with your patient and what I mean by that is let them know, Robin, I've got everything taken care of on our end so we’ll be able to bill your insurance successfully, but just a helpful tip, you might want to contact your HR department and see if you can get a new card with your name spelled on it correctly and I only say that just in case if you go to your primary health care or another doctor and they might miss that and enter it the wrong way. I just don't want to see you have any of your insurance claims denied.

Okay, so, just a tip, friendly way to build trust with your patients and let them know that you care. Now, Michelle will be going over this further in the unveiling the mystery courses but a little tip for you to hang on to.