Patient Information

Okay, we are on the home stretch of course number one and I'd like to wrap up by touching base on the importance of gathering patient information correctly, accurately, doing it the first time, and every time. As well as, I'd like to discuss what information you need to gather from your patient so that you can pull their insurance benefits before they arrive for their appointment.

First of all, why is it important, well number one by confirming your patient’s data, you're going to ensure that you're in the correct patient account. Number two it’s going to ensure when you confirm this information that you were documenting in the patient account, as well as billing that correct patient and then thirdly, it's very important because it is the correct insurance for the patient so that we don't have any delay in payment.

Now what information do you need to get in order to pull an insurance benefit? Well you're going to need the patient's full name as it appears on their insurance card, you're going to need the patient's Insurance ID number, as well as the patient's date of birth. next you're going to need the best number to reach your patient at, now if there are minor, obviously we're going to be getting the parent or the primary caregivers phone number, as well as an appropriate email. Now the last piece of data that you need is the insured’s full name, that means the person that the insurance coverage is under, as well as the insured's full date of birth. Now we’ll be going over this information more in additional courses as we move through unveiling the mystery as well as you're going to find that we cover in our schedule management program specific scripting that's going to help you be able to successfully gather all this information from your patient.